The best tech investment you can make?

Not all talk

We’ve had landlines and we’ve had PBXs, we’ve seen mobile phones actually become mobile, we’ve seen fax machines die and Skype become a verb. We’ve seen a revolution in how business talks. But we’ve not seen comms come together until now.

Unified communications is a quiet revolution, but it’s one we’d wager most companies would put high in their list of the best tech investments they’ve made. UC reduces costs, increase flexibility and boosts productivity; done well it can transform how a business works.

Our unified communications are based around the Panasonic IP platform, a platform regarded by many to be the best in class. It’s all the things you’d expect, scalable, intuitive, and full of features. From a single sign-on across multiple devices – desktop to mobile – it brings together voice, video, instant messaging, conference calls and visual voicemail.

Best of all, within days, your teams will feel they’ve been using it for years.

Integer can deploy and support a range of affordable, flexible and feature-rich modern unified communications solutions to enhance business communications, whilst driving costs down.
Unified Communications has given businesses new communication capabilities, better operational flexibility, and is often cheaper to run than traditional systems.

A Unified Communications solution can transform the way your organisation ultimately communicates, improving both business efficiency and productivity by leveraging technology to deliver enhanced communications.

For more information on communications solutions and to find out which type of solution best suits your organisation please call us.

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