USB Drives

USB hard drive back up warning As intrusive cyber-attacks continue to rise, the old way of backing up data via USB drives has become an enormous vulnerability point for businesses. Here is [...]

Converged, Secure & Independent

With the rollout of the NBN essentially complete, IT and Telephony have converged and are now terminated to a single point into a client’s premises at the Modem/Router. As a service provider of [...]

Off Site back up

We are currently testing our off site back up platform, if you want to be part of the trial please get in touch. By deploying a robust back up software on site, we can fully recover incremental [...]

Raising a Support Ticket

There are several ways to arise a support issue with Integer, by far the best way if to use the Integer Application on any supported desktop which is highlighted below. Click it and away you go [...]

The power of a Proactive IT approach

We have recently recovered a client’s site hit by a crypto locker, it was only possible because they had implemented incremental based NAS backups as part of our Proactive Service. We could [...]

Back up & DR Plan- The actual cost

There is no doubt that clients are all fully aware that without a complete working back up recovering a system or server failure isn’t possible. Unfortunately, its inadvertent human error that [...]

End of Life on Microsoft Products

The support lifecycle for Windows Small Business Server (SBS) 2008 passed last year as its determined by its individual component’s support lifecycles. We are highlighting this information as [...]