What Is Edge Computing?

The IT world includes an ever-expanding list of terms and acronyms we mere mortals trying to run a business mostly struggle to comprehend. A bit like space really, but for now let’s not get [...]

Happy Enterprise Ethernet Days!

Back in September 2020, Integer IT was part of the NBN fibre zone launch for Port Macquarie with the incentive of free installation of Enterprise Ethernet to premises within our newly established [...]

Integer IT 2020 Recap

Wow, what a year! As 2020 draws to a close, here are our views and some news all wrapped up in a bite-sized chunk. On the IT front, we kicked off the year with a fond farewell to a few Microsoft [...]

NBN Enterprise Ethernet Announcement

Integer IT was very proud to be part of the National NBN Enterprise Ethernet announcement presented in Port Macquarie this week by MP’s Paul Fletcher, Mark Coulton, Patrick Conaghan, and the NBN [...]

Converged, Secure & Independent

With the rollout of the NBN essentially complete, IT and Telephony have converged and are now terminated to a single point into a client’s premises at the Modem/Router. As a service provider of [...]