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 In IT Managed Support, NBN, Network, Unified communications

With the rollout of the NBN essentially complete, IT and Telephony have converged and are now terminated to a single point into a client’s premises at the Modem/Router. As a service provider of both data and voice traffic, Integer IT supports both service technologies from a single helpdesk point in Port Macquarie, NSW.

This means our clients only need to speak to one provider who takes on the responsibility of making sure all the infrastructure on or off site is in excellent working order, is compliant to the highest security standards, and is maintained in good health. Integer IT alleviates the necessity for our clients to engage with what was historically 3 separate providers (IT, Phone and Internet).

If there is an IT or Telephony issue or unexpected outage, Integer IT will work with our clients through to conclusion, without the requirement of calling and waiting for a response from multiple providers.

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