End of Life on Microsoft Products

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The support lifecycle for Windows Small Business Server (SBS) 2008 passed last year as its determined by its individual component’s support lifecycles. We are highlighting this information as quite a few SBS 2008 environments are still in production. Security patches are no longer produced so systems are at risk as these are the vulnerabilities hackers target. Hackers do not target individual clients, it’s the security holes in software and security updates that they target which the gives them access to systems. The Extended Support End Date for SBS was initially Forefront and then Exchange Element on 11th April 2017 as detailed below (US Calender):

It’s also worth noting that Windows 7 Professional and Windows Server 2008 and thus SBS 2011 will fall out of support in January 2020, our aged inventory report for existing maintained clients can create budgetary plans in order to migrate off these popular operating systems prior to the end date. If you would like an audit of your environment, please contact us for further details.

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