NBN Copper Shocker

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Take a careful look at this image – unbelievably it’s an NBN service pit full of water and we have lifted a ball of wet copper cable connections out of it, having washed off the mud. Each cable attached represents a business suffering poor internet connectivity and there was another ball of cables submerged in the pit.

This is the working reality of NBN copper to the premises for connections across the Mid North Coast when initially fibre was promised.

It’s a tragic state of affairs and is the very reason some clients experience sporadic internet drop-outs and better performance when it doesn’t rain, and the region certainly needs more rain right now.

As an integrated IT and Telecoms service provider we consider all the options available to existing and new clients, and promote services which provide better business continuity, resilience and data contention ratios. Our job is to keep businesses operational and connected, and getting a reliable data connection is just the start of the internet journey.

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