Managed Health

Digital transformations without impacting the patient experience or continuity of care

The healthcare sector continues to be the industry most impacted by data breaches and malicious attacks every quarter. As regulations pertaining to patient health data, the sharing of patient health data and general cyber security become more prevalent, the healthcare industry is having to adapt their technology strategy – and transform the patient experience.

As a leading IT provider to the healthcare sector for the Mid North Coast, we at Integer IT understand the demands these risks place on your business, which is why we’ve introduced our Managed Health programme. With us handling your technology strategy, you can get back to focussing on what you do best.

What is Managed Health?

Managed Health is a programme that allows you to digitally transform your business, securely, and with patient care at the forefront. We go above and beyond, developing a technology strategy that encompasses all aspects of technology across the business – from internet service and telephony systems, desktop computers and printers, through to remote access for authorised users and software integration. All devices within your environment will be secure and policies set to ensure the right people have the right level of access.

Our team liaise with leading Medical Software Vendors such as Nurse Call, Genie, Medical Director, Best Practice and VIP, to ensure all systems are supported and integrated securely across your network. Leveraging the latest in cloud-based technology and high speed internet, you and your staff will remain connected at any place and at any time, with the peace-of-mind of unauthorised access prevention. It’s about ensuring your technology strategy aligns with your business needs.

How we work with you

The Managed Health programme is designed so our team integrates into your business like any in-house employee, but without the headcount overhead. This structure means you’ll have one single point of contact for all technology requirements and troubleshooting. We take ownership across your network – from the internet, through to telephone systems, end-user devices, printers, remote access for authorised users and integration with your preferred Medical Software Vendors. This approach ensures continuity of service and supply, plus management of risk exposure.

Service Delivery Manager: Overseeing the project, the Service Delivery Manager (SDM) conducts regular review meetings that focus on service delivery levels, forward planning for technology roadmaps and driving your technology strategy.

Technical Lead: As the first point of contact for any day-to-day requirements, the Technical Lead is readily available. The specialist of your entire infrastructure, applications and services, the Technical Lead works closely with the SDM to ensure your technology strategy is implemented and managed effectively. They also work with your Medical Software Vendors to ensure they have relevant access when required and that any issues are resolved in a swift manner.

How we do it


Why should you consider Managed Health?

Proactive management
Constant monitoring of your digital environment ensures all patches, remedial work and any potential risks are dealt with before they arise.

After-hours updates
To ensure patient care continuity, we make our best efforts to conduct all updates outside of your business hours.

Continuity of service
Our team aims to seamlessly become an addition to your team. And as a reliable team-member, our priority remains with the patient experience and their level of care.

Our people, your team

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