What Is Managed IT Support Services?

Managed IT represents the cutting edge of modern IT support.  In a nutshell, Managed IT Support delivers proactive IT solutions that catch issues before your productivity is impacted – with little or no noticeable interruption to your business or systems.

How It Works

By leveraging cloud technology, high-speed internet connections and incredibly robust software systems, your IT infrastructure is made significantly more reliable, secure and powerful.

We invest in leading edge technology that provides you with comprehensive protection and monitoring fixing problems before they bring your business to a halt.

Some Core Advantages of Managed IT Support

  • PROACTIVE MANAGEMENT We don’t wait for issues to occur before repairing them we prevent them from happening in the first place
  • AFTER HOURS UPDATES Our technicians rarely (if ever) interrupt your staff and PCs while installing updates. This is handled remotely, usually while your offices are vacant
  • CONSTANT MONITORING All of your antivirus software and firewalls are automatically updated and constantly monitored. You can rest assured that everything is protected and we’ve got an eye on your system
  • EASY REMOTE BACKUP We handle all of your system backups remotely no fluffing around with NAS drives or removable hard drives

As one of the only Managed IT Service supplier on the Mid North Coast, Integer IT is the preferred provider for healthcare professionals, not for profit organisations and large businesses and industries with mission critical IT systems and highly sensitive information. Our business is focused on protecting your data and technology and nothing else.

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