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Happy Enterprise Ethernet Days!

Back in September 2020, Integer IT was part of the NBN fibre zone launch for Port Macquarie with the incentive of free installation of Enterprise Ethernet to premises within our newly established zone.

During March 2021 NBN connected us up with our new Enterprise Ethernet data service, saving us a previously quoted installation cost of $18,000 (happy days!).

This connection now provides us with a consistent breakneck internet browsing experience with crystal clear high-resolution video calls over today’s most popular conferencing platforms (e.g. Microsoft Teams and Zoom). More importantly for us as an IT Managed Services Provider (MSP), our customers are benefitting from a more resilient and faster service.

photo of Fibre Internet and Ethernet Cable

It also means:

  • Our offsite back-up and disaster recovery service for customers now runs 10 times faster than before, all day every day.
  • We can now locally host and support our customers’ physical servers (including SQL databases) if they also wish to benefit from a fast Enterprise Ethernet product. This reduces the amount of office space usually taken up by servers, as well as the related costs of powering and cooling IT equipment.
  • Access to our critical cloud-delivered business applications has significantly improved our ability to respond to our customers faster than ever, increasing our own productivity.

We’ve also been able to cancel two previously used and much slower internet services that are no longer required due to the service level agreement of 99% plus uptime on the Enterprise Ethernet offering.

Customers no longer require having two slow and highly contended services, as the quality of voice calls can be prioritised in a single, reliable, and faster internet connection.

Outside of voice and video applications, many businesses and industries will have their own definitions of mission-critical applications which will benefit from priority data. Some examples include:

  • Point of sale (POS) data needed by retailers and supermarkets
  • Data used by sensors or robotic machines in high-end manufacturers
  • Architecture firms using data-intensive cloud-based applications in their design processes
  • CRM applications used by front-of-house contact centre agents
  • Design agencies, videographers, photographers etc regularly transferring large files

If you would like to know more, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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