With the rollout of the NBN, IT and Telephony have converged and are now terminated to a single point into a client’s premises at the modem/router. As a service provider of both data and voice traffic, Integer IT support both forms of communication from a single helpdesk point in Port Macquarie, NSW.

This means our clients only need to speak to one provider who takes on the responsibility of making sure all the infrastructure on or off site is in excellent working order, is compliant to the highest security standards, and is maintained in good health. Integer IT alleviates the necessity for our clients to engage with what was historically 3 separate providers (IT, Phone and Internet).

If there is an IT or Telephony issue or unexpected outage, Integer IT will work with our clients through to conclusion, without the requirement of calling and waiting for a response from many providers.

How it Works

How we differ from the rest in the converged telephony world.
Integer IT provision the data circuit and the voice calls (SIP). We also plan any phone number migrations so when we install we have our engineers configure the router and firewalls for all services that are affected by any changes, including servers, remote access and phone systems. It’s simple: trust us as we as we know from our clients’ experiences (and our own) how long it takes to raise a support call with some providers, let alone achieve a resolution.

Data Circuit Descriptions

NBN Services
The National Broadband Network is a Government owned and Funded national Wholesale Network that was developed to roll out Broadband Services to all Australians. Integer Services connects to all 121 points of NBN Interconnect.

Integer NBN Business TC-2 and TC-4- The Data Circuit
Our TC-2 Business Service is targeted towards businesses that use real-time, interactive multimedia applications which require high bit rates for low frame delay. It provides unlimited data usage with 1:1 contention (no other businesses sharing the bandwidth resource) with the same speed for uploading and downloading data (symmetrical).

Our TC-4 Business Service is targeted towards “best effort” applications such as Web Browsing. Your download and upload speeds represent a Peak Information Rate (PIR) – the maximum speed you can expect on an uncongested network. Your actual speed will be affected by a variety of factors, including your access technology and physical proximity to the nearest NBN node. Integer maintains a maximum 4:1 contention ratio, unlimited data usage and download speeds are faster than upload (asymmetrical).

Integer Consumer/Residential Grade NBN
Consumer Grade NBN is a best effort Consumer/Residential Grade service which provides access via the existing infrastructure on a 1-to-many contention ratio. It is usage based: data towards the service is metered (download) with a non-static IP Address (Address may be issued via CGNAT) and asymmetric speeds of up to 12/1, 50/20 and 100/40 available for FTTP, FTTN, FTTB, FTTC and HFC. 12/1 and 25/5 speeds are available for Fixed Wireless service. It’s a best effort service with no speed guarantees and Standard SLA.

Integer NBN Voice- The Telephony Voice element
Integer reviews the existing telephone numbers and call usage with our clients to determine what is required now or in the future. We align these requirements with either an onsite telephony system (PBX) or a hosted voice platform without the need for a local PBX. Voice traffic is prioritised on the data circuit and voice calls can be sent to either to a local PBX or onsite handsets or any mobile no matter where the client wants to receive the call.

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