Dark Web Scanning

Dark Web Scanning

Identify Exposed Credentials from with-in Your Organisation

What is the Dark Web?

Websites or information pages on the Dark Web are not searchable or accessible via traditional search engine browsers.  It is how they are accessed which makes them Dark. They are only visible through a specific TOR browser, which is a security system whereby each web page is encrypted several times over. It’s designed to be secure.

Malicious thieves and hackers do not limit their activities to the Dark Web. The IT community and journalists refer to the threat of the Dark Web as a term for criminal activity on the web in general.

What’s the problem?

Dark Web sites, pages or forums are used by hackers to sell, share, or buy data stolen from businesses. So, if an individual from within a company has unwittingly given away their work IT credentials, via a Phishing campaign, their information is available and visible and thus the company can be targeted. Once a hacker has got into a company, they may have access to all company data depending on the level of access the user account had.

What have we seen on the Dark Web?

Simple credentials are visible, name, email address, passwords, maiden names, home address, it may sound innocuous but it’s far from it. Dig a little deeper, and we can find work and private credit card details are visible. This information has been either given away or scrapped from reputable websites being used. When malicious actors gain access they leave malware on the PC which can just wait, record, and watch over several weeks. To be clear, you might be secure, but your information has been obtained via a reputable website you use.

How do we fix this?

Once it’s out there we can’t, however, what we can do is constantly scan the Dark Web for your web addresses and domains ie) anyone@integer-it.com.au.

This way we can automate actionable alerts of leaks from specific businesses for data breaches, identify who and what has been compromised and amend, advise, and provide businesses with Phishing training to educate users if necessary. Early detection of comprised accounts will prevent future or imminent Phishing attempts.

What can you do?

A Dark Web Scanning service is just one of the security options available to our clients. We provide security in layers including Email Filtering, Secure Firewalls, Server and endpoint protection, device encryption, multi factor authentication, mobile device management, hosted back up with disaster recovery and Phishing Training.

What should you do?

Call us if you are concerned about the security of your IT environment and we can constantly scan the Dark Web for you amongst other security services to decrease the risk of a Cyber Security breach

What to know more?

Call us for a demonstration.

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