The Top 6 Things We Have Learned from the Lockdown

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School is back on, shops are beginning to reopen, the roads are busier and it certainly seems that life is picking up again, so here are our reflections and observations from the last few weeks:

  1. People like being with people.
    We are social animals and there is a sense of normality (depending on your view of normal) in going to a place of work and interacting with colleagues and clients.

  2. The productivity impact.
    It can be a cultural shock to suddenly work from home. Being work productive is a mental challenge, sometimes interfering with the balance of the home as there is often no segregation between the two environments.

  3. Not all internet connections are equal.
    Using non-commercial grade NBN connections in the office doesn’t support remote workers at all well, particularly when it comes to connection reliability. Residential-priced offerings are just that, and with the kids Zooming their friends – and occasionally their teachers – it’s little wonder it’s a slow experience compared to the office environment. Remember, with residential-priced offerings, your business is one of hundreds competing for bandwidth down the same pipe.

  4. Hello? Hello?
    Telstra/Optus/Commander all closed their call centres at a time they were most needed. With so many individuals attempting to work remotely, they weren’t there to assist. We were open for business and supporting our customers as normal.

  5. Hackers are nothing, if not dedicated.
    It doesn’t matter what is going on, cyber bandits are bombarding the internet and unsecure IT infrastructure. This current pandemic was no different, with Covid-19-related malicious attempts ramping up over recent weeks. Just another opportunity to snare an unwitting victim.

  6. Preparation is key.
    The clients who invested in IT over the last few years found the transition from office to home and back again a relatively easy, cyber-secure and pain-free experience. Those who didn’t couldn’t securely do so, and exposed themselves to a higher risk of a malicious attack.

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