Where is my data, and is it secure?

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The Australian government is increasingly concerned about data sovereignty (the security, privacy and physical location of data), and certainly after recent malicious assaults on government websites, it is high on their agenda.

This is what Government Services Minister Stuart Robert announced in July:

We think there is a case, and we’re exploring this now, for Australian datasets to be in Australian data centres, run by Australians with Australian providers, and securely housed and routed within Australian to give maximum assurance to Australians their data’s safe

Using cloud delivered services doesn’t necessarily mean your data stays in Australia, and that is the concern as globalised cloud environments often overlap with data centres in multiple jurisdictions.

Keeping sensitive data safe, secure and close-by is what Integer IT advocates and is by far the quickest recovery point in the event of any disaster scenario.

If you would like to explore your secure data storage options more thoroughly, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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