Happy 5th Birthday to Us!

We are 5 years old, with over 140yrs of experience Integer IT has reached its 5th anniversary today, gosh how time flies when you’re having fun! Upon our inception in 2017, we took over the [...]

What Is Edge Computing?

The IT world includes an ever-expanding list of terms and acronyms we mere mortals trying to run a business mostly struggle to comprehend. A bit like space really, but for now let’s not get [...]

Windows 11 is Here

Microsoft officially launched its new operating system, Windows 11, today. The design… The most obvious changes in Windows 11 are on the user interface (UI) front. For better or worse, [...]

You’ve Done It Again!

An email arrives in your inbox from a local retailer. It’s nearing the end of the financial year and you’ve been waiting for offers like this: SALE! NOW ON! 15% OFF ALL LAPTOPS! “This [...]

Large-scale Microsoft Exchange Hack

Here we are again, reporting on another security breach involving a major international company. In this case, Microsoft have advised that their Exchange email platform has been compromised. Late [...]

USB Drives

USB hard drive back up warning As intrusive cyber-attacks continue to rise, the old way of backing up data via USB drives has become an enormous vulnerability point for businesses. Here is [...]