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During the last 5 years we have acquired 2 telephony-based businesses from retiring individuals who traditionally kept the telephone system alive in the corner, whirring away across old cabling. They were magicians performing a dark and secret art, and the cabling only ever failed if it was cut in error or became corroded with the salt in the air (thanks to our otherwise lovely coastal surroundings).

Then the NBN came along and complicated things, putting voice calls down internet circuits. The emergence of SIP calls and new cabling to support the ‘new’ way was required. The industry was thrown up in the air and the handsets we were all holding were no longer really needed. Big names in telephony tech have pulled out of the industry as we have all gone mobile, and the options have become very clear.

We have done our research and evaluated many solutions in recent months. As a result we have retired our own Panasonic PBX system in favour of 3CX, so here is why we made the decision:

  1. Firstly, by using desktop or mobile applications we can support it easily from anywhere, taking away the mysterious dark art element of that old, retired telephony wizard.
  2. Unlike many options you can pay for what you want to use in terms of call volumes (not everyone has to have a call package). For example, we’ve recently installed a 3CX system supporting 200 users across 11 sites, requiring 32 concurrent calls. In this instance they require only 20 handsets, not 200 licences, so investment is minimal.
  3. 3CX can be hosted in the cloud for resiliency or installed on-premises on a standalone PC and still retain the same functionality. If the internet service goes down, the on-premise version fails, while the cloud version keeps working on the 3CX mobile apps.
  4. Employees can use either use a mobile application (both Apple and Android), softphone on a PC, or traditional handset (or any combination of all 3). Calls within 3CX are presented as the company number and not individuals’ mobile numbers.
  5. 3CX will integrate with Microsoft 365 and Teams as well as many CRM/SQL packages, so calling clients within the application is a just click or tap away. This is a major benefit for us, and a big saving on time as well. It also supports our SLAs as calls stats (such as date, time and duration) may be recorded.
  6. Chat, messaging, colleagues’ presence, voicemail to email retrieval are all built in features. Another plus here for us to know who is available to take a call or asking the caller if its ok to put them through to a voicemail, we never miss a call or message.

These are just the top 6 reasons why we ditched the traditional PBX, but the biggest one was we that can support our clients without relying on old school magic.

If you want to see the solution in action, please call us to book a short demonstration of the 3CX system at our office.

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