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We are currently testing our off site back up platform, if you want to be part of the trial please get in touch.
By deploying a robust back up software on site, we can fully recover incremental backed up data from physical and virtual servers locally, we can also point that data to our own disaster recovery platform in our offices.

Why would I want to do that?

Firstly, this form of back up eliminates the human elements requiring employees to either rotate drives on site or take them home for safe keeping overnight. Us humans are the biggest risk when it comes to performing this rather tedious but critically important function manually.
Secondly, if you back up a complete data set every night this takes up to 8hrs which means it will take us at least this amount of time to recover a failed server or site if there is a secured data backup available. Backing up incrementally might take 15mins per night and therefore it will take us a lot less time to recover in the event of a disaster recovery scenario to the physical site or server as we virtualise the recovery point on our platform.
Lastly, we have your back up in our data repository so we can restore to a new or loan server very fast, without needing access to a particular site or tracking down who has the last data copy off site.
Compliance in this area is becoming ever more stringent with auditors and governing bodies insisting that the business is a viable going concern should there be a disaster to the data or physical location.

This solution ticks all the boxes.

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